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        Our Story



        Our Story

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        SL Pharm (002038.SZ) was the first high-tech enterprise in Beijing to land on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Through continuous R&D at its nationally recognized Technology Center, SL Pharm has successfully developed and marketed more than 70 drugs, including three Category I new drugs with independent intellectual property rights. The company has been nationally awarded for its innovation, winning the Second Class Prize for Scientific and Technological Advancement issued by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Over the last two decades and half, SL Pharm has continuously adapted its R&D program to suit the changing disease spectrum and has accumulated rich arrays of products in the fields of hematology, oncology, hepatology, nephrology, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


        Over the last decade, SL Pharm has expanded its presence outside China. The company has invested in research facilities in Canada and the United States. SL Pharm’s genetically engineered products, among others, have been exported to more than ten countries.


        The Technology Center of SL Pharm has a mass spectrometry analysis platform and more than 200 full-time and part-time research and development personnel, 60% of whom have doctor’s, master’s, or senior professional and technical degrees. In the past decade, the company has invested more than 10% of the company’s sales revenue in R&D. In recent years, the center has successfully developed dozens of new drugs and put them on the market.


        Aside from its headquarters in western Beijing, SL Pharm operates production facilities at Shijingshan, Changping, and Daxing, as well as an API production base at Xinxiang (He'nan Province), with a total area of over 150,000 square meters. The facilities, built and operated in strict compliance with international cGMP standards, are able to manufacture chemical and biological products and include production lines specialized for oncology products. The company has been listed as one of the leading drug suppliers in China for many years.









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